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Busy schedules can make it difficult to remember seasonal home maintenance tasks, but letting ware build up over time will decrease your property value and things will start adding up. Your house is likely your largest investment, believe us, you'll want to take care of it!  Don't know where to start? Give us a call!
You should change the direction of your ceiling fans seasonally:
Winter = Clockwise (warmer)
Summer = Counter-Clockwise (colder)
The most magical cleaning solution EVER for grease, grime and soap scum:
***Mix baking soda, a few drops of blue dish soap and hydrogen peroxide and watch the mess melt away***
Fireplace Efficiency.png
Fireplace Efficiency.png
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To prevent ice damming, make sure that your attic is vented and insulated properly.  Give Homefaker a call and we'll help get you pointed in the right direction!
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Have questions about anything regarding safety or maintenance with your home or future home?
Check out our Ask Your Montana Home Inspector Facebook group.  We're here to help!
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